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Effectively Protect Your Smile With Mouth Guards

black woman smilingWhether you’re involved in sports or dealing with nighttime teeth grinding, a mouth guard can be essential in preserving the well-being of your smile. At Corner Stone Dental, our highly accredited Swansea, IL dentist, Dr. Randall Wilson offers these effective oral devices to safeguard your smile.

If you’re in need of a mouth guard, contact our Swansea dental office by giving us a call at (618) 236-0501.

What Is a Mouth Guard?

A mouth guard is a protective device designed to cover and cushion your teeth, gums, and jaw. It acts as a barrier between the upper and lower teeth, preventing them from colliding during impact. Mouth guards are commonly used in sports to minimize the risk of dental injuries, but they also serve other purposes like alleviating teeth grinding (bruxism) during sleep.

Types of Mouth Guards

woman putting in a mouth guard Stock Mouth Guards

These are pre-made, ready-to-wear mouth guards that come in various sizes. While convenient, they may not provide the best fit or comfort.

Boil and Bit Mouth Guards

This type can be custom-molded to your teeth by boiling them in hot water and then biting down to create a personalized fit. Boil and bite mouth guards are more expensive than stock mouth guards, but they offer greater protection and comfort.

Customized Mouth Guards

These are crafted by Dr. Wilson and our dental team based on impressions of your teeth. Custom mouth guards offer the greatest amount of protection and the highest level of comfort available.

Benefits of Mouth Guards

Dr. Wilson recommends mouth guards because of their advantages, including:

  • Dental Injury Prevention: Mouth guards act as a cushion during impact, reducing the risk of chipped, broken, or knocked-out teeth.
  • Bruxism Relief: For those who grind their teeth at night, wearing a mouth guard can help alleviate the stress on teeth and jaw muscles.
  • Concussion Risk Reduction: In certain sports, mouth guards have been shown to reduce the risk of concussions by absorbing and dispersing impact forces.

Caring for a Mouth Guard

Proper maintenance ensures the longevity and effectiveness of your mouth guard:

  • Regular Cleaning: Rinse your mouth guard with cold water before and after use.
  • Storage: Keep your mouth guard in a clean, ventilated case when not in use to prevent bacteria growth.
  • Avoid Heat: Exposing your mouth guard to high temperatures can distort its shape, so keep it away from hot water and direct sunlight.
  • Replacement: Eventually, your mouthguard will need to be replaced. It’s important to carefully monitor the condition of your mouthguard so it can provide the fullest level of protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Safeguard Your Smile with the Right Mouth Guard

Investing in a mouth guard is not just about preserving your smile; it’s a commitment to your oral health. Whether you’re dribbling a basketball, scoring a goal, or peacefully sleeping, the right mouth guard can be your silent protector, ensuring your teeth stay strong and beautiful for years to come. 

Schedule a consultation with your Swansea, IL dentist today by calling Corner Stone Dental at (618) 236-0501 to determine which mouth guard is best for you. 

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